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AR Controls are experienced in designing, building, installing and configuring a wide range of Industrial Control Systems used for industrial process control.

Such Industrial Control Systems can range from a few modular panel-mounted controllers to large interconnected and interactive distributed control systems with many thousands of field connections. All systems receive data sent from remote sensors measuring process variables and then compare these with desired set points and derive command functions which are used to control a process though to the final control elements such as control valves, motors.

Our larger systems are usually implemented by Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, (which AR Controls are highly experienced with the iconics Genesis and OPC server solutions), or distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLCs – extensive programming experience with Omron, Mitsubishi, Rockwell and Siemens), though SCADA and PLC systems are scalable down to much smaller systems with fewer control loops.

Such systems are extensively used in industries such as chemical processing, pulp and paper manufacture, automotive, steel & metal production, timber and plastics to name but a few.

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