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AR Controls have extensive retrofit experience, removing old or obsolete AC and DC drive control systems, servo drives and motors and replacing them with new. The requirement to upgrade old or obsolete Inverter control systems is inevitable as down time and instability increases after many years. You may also wish to change your AC or DC motors, your drive systems, gearboxes where applicable or all three.  

Our engineers have extensive experience in retrofit, working closely with you to determine requirements and timescales to ensure minimum interruption to operations. In a typical upgrade project, existing cabling, motors and cabinets often remain in use, while the drive or drive system is replaced either completely or partly.

Retrofitting is typically carried out during planned production shutdowns, without causing extra production downtime. Following retrofit your application will be working as good as it did when new, in many cases it will be working even better.

Our drive system solutions are based on a thorough understanding of your applications mechanical functionality and any interface with existing equipment. The importance of ascertaining the correct initial control philosophy cannot be over emphasised.

Using a detailed knowledge of drive systems and control including: – speed control, speed following, torque control, load sharing, position following and the use of double differential controllers AR Controls develop the required control system.

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