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08/05/2019by Nat Bell

Here at AR Controls, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new Perforex Machining Centre from Rittal Automation Services! The Perforex Machining Centre BC 1007 HS allows us to produce panels and enclosures both safely and quickly, providing a faster, greater service to our customers.  Producing speeds of up to 1.5 metres per minute! Accuracy is also greatly improved using the unique diaphragm clamping system which fixes the enclosure perfectly into place. From steel to plastic, aluminium and copper, the Perforex Machining Centre can drill, mill, cut and tap threads into all machinable materials. Forty different tools can be fitted into the machine allowing us to create panels and enclosures to suit any needs. These tools are retrieved automatically by the machine which reduces the risk of accidents happening on our site. The vibrations running through this machine are decreased which means there is less room for errors to occur and accuracy is greatly improved. The machine also has the necessary space for machining complete enclosures with ease including those with different slanting positions. At AR Controls, recycling our waste is extremely important to us. The waste materials from the Perforex machine is easy and safe to remove, which can then be recycled on site to help us do our bit in saving our planet.


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